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For more than 65 years, EJ Products is market leader in developing and producing moulds for cooked ham, pâté and other fine meat products.

Our knowledge of materials, meat products and market give shape to an excellent relationship with all clients, from multinational companies to local butchers. Fast and reliable deliveries are indeed key in this niche branch.

Your cooked ham should immediately catch the consumer’s attention. After all, there is a large choice in cooked meat products.

The different classic and modern moulds, in all shapes and sizes, make your hams look splendid. After all, if your products look good, they will be bought faster.

Our ham moulds are a crucial partner in the making of a nice cooked ham, moreover moulds still give better results than cooking bags and nets.

EJ Products will guide you in your search for a perfect mould. Besides the more than 800 different basic models, there is also a possibility in creating your own personalized mould.

At EJ products you can find a large assortment of moulds in aluminium and stainless steel.

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